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RAPID UHS 420 VOC ”Ultra High Solid“ acrylic is a very fast curing 2-pack acrylic clear coat characterized by rapid early hardness. It is ready for polishing only after 15 minutes of forced drying at 60oC and cooling down. Very good flow and levelling properties. High gloss and final hardness. Outstanding durability due to chemical and weather resistance. Well balanced pot life enables safe application. Designed for use on solvent- and waterborne base coat. High solid and VOC conform product. CHARACTERISTICS: VOC limit 2004/42/IIB(d): 420 g/l VOC content for ready to use product: max. 420 g/l. Clear coat CLB-03.049: Shelf-life: 12 months Density(20oC): 1,00 g/cm³ Colour: slightly yellow. Hardener CDL-04.058: Shelf-life: 12 months Density(20oC): 1,00 g/cm³ Colour: colourless to slightly yellow. Mixing ratio -  Clear coat CLB-03.049: by volume: 2, by weight: 100. Hardener CDL-04.058: by volume: 1, by weight: 50. Spray viscosity – DIN 4mm at 20 oC: 16-18 seconds. Application – Spray gun gravity feed: nozzle: 1,3mm, pressure 2,1-2.2 bar. Application process – coats number: 1,5 (½ thin closed coat + 1 full wet coat). Flash off time – between coats: 5-7 min. Before baking: 10 min. Dry film thickness: 50-60 µm. Process conditions: temperature > 15 oC, relative air humidity up to 75%. Theoretical efficiency: 8 – 9 m2/l at 60 µm. Pot life at 20 oC: 50 min. Drying times – at 20 oC: Dry to touch: 1-1,5 h, dry to polish: 3,5-4 h, full hardness: 4 days. At 60 oC: dry to touch: 10min, dry to polish: 15min., full hardness: 3 days. IR drying: 8-15min. Only for professional use.

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